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Cafe O-Mai: Vietnamese Heaven in Annerley

Brioche French Toast

Since a trip to Vietnam waaay back in 2007 hubby and I have always been on the look out for a good Pho.  Pronounced ‘Fur’, this soup of slippery noodles and wafer thin beef topped with chilli, bean sprouts and Vietnamese mint is the true measure of a good Vietnamese cafe or restaurant.  So when […] Read more…

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Gingerbread decorating cuteness

Gingerbread Royal Icing-02

Christmas is the season of joy and goodwill towards men…except for all of those poor gingerbread men, their days are numbered… This year I am feeling the Christmas spirit. People say that kids make Christmas special, and even though the munchkin is too young to really know what’s happening, I really am excited about making her […] Read more…

Caramel Slice

Caramel Slice-16

Rich. Decadent. Sticky. Three words which suit any dish sporting delicious gooey caramel. For the caramel lover a fine caramel slice is heaven, gooey caramel sandwiched between biscuit and dark chocolate. Could one ask for anything more?? This recipe is so easy – even if you’re scared of making caramel. Made in three easy steps it’s […] Read more…

Raspberry Jam Drops – an old fashioned favourite

Jam Drops-9

Raspberry Jam drops are synonymous with school fetes and community fund raising. They are a staple at any country bake stall and always one of my personal favourites biscuits. For those after a traditional, easy biscuit, this recipe is for you. Only slightly adapted – mainly for convenience – from a recipe found in The Coronation […] Read more…

Baking – I’m back!


Ok, so remember my last post? Where I prophesied that 2014 was going to be cracker? Well at risk of calling it too soon, {I mean it’s only June} I think I was right. Late-night dial-in clairvoyants look out – I’m coming for your job! With great gusto I set up the new blog layout […] Read more…

Dinner Mint Meringue Bites

Mint meringues-4

Welcome to 2014! Can you feel it? It’s got the right vibe, am I right? It just feels like 2014 is shaping up to be a cracker year. Now, I’m not one for superstitious exploits. I don’t mind if a black cat crosses my path, hell I like cats – it’s not their fault that […] Read more…

Dreamy Pistachio Cake

pistachio cake-3

Light as air, and best eaten immediately {surely the best type of cake}, a dreamy pistachio cake is the cure to many ills. Each layer is topped with raspberry jam and marshmallow-y pillows of icing, perfect for a Sunday Birthday cake. Sunday was one of my Mother-in-Law’s Birthday and some of the family were coming […] Read more…

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