Pumpkin and Walnut Cake
Apple Frangipane Tart
Cheats Peach Crumble

Welcome to Ice-cream & Jelly!  

Originally this blog started as a hobby, a place to share my love of sweets and baking; taking old recipes handed down and sharing them. Though, as life goes, the only constant is change and three years later my life could not be more different. One bambino plus a mortgage minus time = chaos!  

Oh yep I miss them, the days where I could spend endless hours {uninterrupted hours} in the kitchen, they’re long gone. But those hours are now spent loving the coolest kid out there {no bias here} so I’m definitely ahead!

So my life and this blog are in transition, both are working on who we are and what our purpose is! My motto at the moment is “I need a life coach!” – because surely that will sort me out?! Right? 

Join me as Ice-cream & Jelly evolves with me and my new life. It will be an interesting ride!

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